Premium Cigars available at Cigar Empire

Cigar Empire carries a wide variety of smoking accessories for cigar and pipe smoking, RYO (Roll Your Own) cigarettes, hookahs and more. Click on an image-thumbnail to expand the view.


Padron Cigars Ashtrays - Premium glass, wood and ceramic ashtrays are available at Cigar Empire.
Cigarette Filters - Filters for rolling your own cigarettes at Cigar Empire include: Swan (cotton/slim), Gizeh (slim and extra slim), Raw (cotton/full size:short), Premier (full-size:long).
Humidors Cigar Humidors/Humdifiers - Beautiful wood humidors in stock
Lighters Lighters - Classic Zippo lighters, table lighters, BIC
Cigarette Paper Smoking Paper - Cigarette paper for rolling your own cigarettes. Brands include: Elements, Raw, Zig Zag, Bob Marley, Glass
Pipe Cleaners Pipe Cleaners - Essential tools for proper pipe maintenance